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Vigna is a collection of healthcare industry leaders, educators and technologists who believe in the power of using technology to upgrade healthcare skill and find the best careers for the millions of people who work in the healthcare industry.

Our Services

Practical skills training

We use a combination of e-learning, classroom training, demonstrations and simulations to ensure candidates have the skills demanded by hospitals

Assesments and Certifications:

We provide assessments and certifications to ensure standardization in learning and provide transparency in communication      

Recruitement and placement services:

We provide an a state of the art technology platform to ensure that the right candidates and employers meet

Competency-skills mapping:

Our AI powered engines maps the competencies required by each hospital partner and every candidate to ensure the best fit

Apprenticeship Program:

With our hospital partners we provide short and long terms apprentciship programs so that candidates have a chance to immerse themselves in hospitals and learn about the latest techniques

International Placements:

We engage with other hospitals outside India to explore opportunities that enables career growth for nurses

About Us

Our approach

Empathy: We believe in the potential of human beings to make a difference. We realize that various bottlenecks hold back people from achieving their potential. We are committed to providing the resources that will help people overcome the constraints of their circumstances.

Innovation: We will leverage the creativity embedded in each of us to drive innovative solutions. We will leverage the latest research in human learning pathways and appropriate technology to develop our product and service offerings

Trust: We believe in forging long-terms partnerships by being trustworthy, transparent and accountable.

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