Like any other stint in a college, nursing school can be quite difficult, especially for a kid who has so far only been used to the minimal pressure of high school. But unlike most other colleges, nursing schools can be just a little bit tougher. After all, the only thing that stands between you and the patients whose lives you will be made responsible for, is this one course that is expected to make you adept at it. Thus, a nursing course can mean quite a lot of learning material for you, and a lot of late nights of cramming for you. But as always, Vigna World is here to share in your burden and suggest a few tips that will make it easier for you to ace your nursing course.


Since most of nursing school subjects require you to learn facts and methods by heart, not only because you will use them in exam but also in real life soon enough, we recommend that you focus on writing a lot of personal notes. We know that you have your class notes or notes that you borrow from your classmates, but try and make your own personal notes as well. Making your own notes, which are also organized as per your requirement, is the best way to retain some crucial knowledge in the long run. Plus, it makes revision that much easier!


Like any other machine, our brain needs periodic breaks to keep it running at its full capacity. So we know that your instinct may be to sit up all night and cram like it’s your last day on earth, but that might not be the best idea. Studies conducted by a lot of psychologists reached the conclusion that we tend to remember things better when our brain is given the time to rest. And what is even more optimum is to allow yourself your normal sleep cycle, so all that you learned can be converted into long term memory while you sleep.


This method sounds a bit like Pavlov’s experiments with conditioning, but it’s proved to work quite often. When you have the urge to binge that newest season of Elite on Netflix, only allow yourself to watch an episode after you have spent an hour rutting that one chapter of Organic Chemistry that you have not yet successfully aced. This can also be done with movies, your favorite piece of candy and even a date that you’re looking forward to. Finish a task at school, and then reward yourself.


We wish that one last night of cramming would end up in you getting good marks. But sadly, with a course as vast and elaborate as nursing, rutting all the subjects on the night before your exam will not be of much help to you. Start from day one, and start organizing your study material into notes. By the time your exams come rolling around, all you need to do is pick up your notes and revise whatever you already know!


A lot of your coursework in nursing school is actually practical knowledge that you will one day need when you are catering to the needs of your patients, thus it helps to remember things even better when you think about them in terms of actions instead of words. This phenomenon has often been dubbed as visual learning, where you imagine yourself using the knowledge that you just gained in a specific situation, making it more likely for you to recall that knowledge easily when required.


Studying can seem like a daunting task when taken on alone. But when you have a reliable tribe of friends, who feel the same pressure of exams, you can share the mental burden and create a more cohesive learning environment. Select an appropriate place to study, invite your friends over, prepare some snacks to munch on, and get your head in the game (in the books, to be the precise).

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