Jitha Mary George Thomas

16yrs of experience.

Working as an OT Manager.

Why did you choose nursing?

It was partly my parents’ suggestion and partly my attraction towards this profession which made me a nurse.

What are the stresses or challenges you face everyday?

There are a lot of expectations from a nurse by the management and patients. To meet all these expectations is tiring and stressful. Being prompt, resolving issues, being polite, handling the team, managing the consultants and moreover – being patient in the midst of everything.

What do you love about the job? 

It gives me immense pleasure when I see a patient getting discharged in good health. And also this is a job which provides a lot of opportunities for one to grow and learn.

What are your thoughts or suggestions for aspiring nurses?

Nursing is not only a profession but a dedication. Not everyone can become a nurse. A nurse is never jobless. It is a job that always keeps you in touch with humanity. It’s a selfless job, which gives you satisfaction and a good night’s sleep.