You’re a nurse. 

You’ve been sucked into a profession that is as tough as it is rewarding. Nursing can bring you new and improved struggles every day, and you have no choice but to get the better of them. Let’s be honest, you knew what you were getting into. Because despite all the craziness that the healthcare profession throws at you, you wouldn’t be happier anywhere else.

That of course, does not mean that are a few struggles in the world that only fellow nurses can understand.

1. Wait, I need a social life?

Remember long weekends, bar hopping, road trips and spa days? We don’t either. Because as nurses, we just don’t have the time to spare. Your job keeps you so busy that all your friends complain that they don’t see much of you, and you find it difficult to find the time to date. As a nurse, you mostly just end up hanging out with fellow nurses and manage to find some friendly time in between work, because anything more is just too good to be true.

2. ‘Gross’ is no longer a valid word.

People often say how language falls short when describing a few feelings. Well, that’s the case with you and the extremely ‘gross’ things that you have witnessed over your years as a nurse. Starting from pus, pustules, wounds, scars, organs; you have seen it all. Not to mention the surprisingly regular nudity you see, plus all the poop you have to deal with! After years of such exposure, nothing fazes you any longer and the word ‘gross’ doesn’t exist for you.

3. Day is night, and night is day.

Yes, other people do night shifts as well, but they are just not the same as yours. You can be assigned any crazy shift. One day you’re happy coming into work at 9 AM and the next, you might be expected to show up at 10 PM. All this, and you can barely find time to get complete sleep cycles. You squeeze in whatever amount of sleep you can, and more often than not, power naps are your best friends.

4. You cannot slack off at work. Ever.

You don’t have the liberty that others do, of maybe sometimes dropping the ball at work and just ‘taking it easy’. Slacking off at work means an entirely different thing when other people’s lives depend on your work. You cannot allow your own exhaustion, or sickness, or even emotional distress to get the better of you at work. Because every day, there is some patient who needs you more than you need yourself.

5. Fun Fridays are not for you.

There’s hardly much fun activity to look forward to at work, given that there’s always someone who is having a tough time. You have to keep your own spirits high and keep your friends close to give you the stress release you need. We know you want to kick back and relax with a beer on Friday, but what’s that? Oh right, your boss wants you to cover on Saturday and pick up an extra shift. Happens to the best of us.

6. You are tested every day.

As a nurse, you are tested every day, and pushed to all kinds of limits – physically, mentally and emotionally. You might have to stand for hours, or have to deal with an extremely angry patient, or deal with the fact that you had to witness the death of one of your patients. It can be rough being a nurse, but you know that you have to keep moving forward and keep putting in your 100% zeal at work because you’re saving lives.

We at Vigna World, understand the struggles you go through and hence we strive every day to make your professional and personal life more seamless and productive. We would love for you to get acquainted with our programs and certifications which will help boost your career. Have a look here.