Congratulations! You have just finished years of toil and hard work at a nursing school. You’re probably really looking forward to starting work and actually applying the vast knowledge of healthcare that you have gathered. But starting out as a nurse can be tough, especially for newcomers who are not used to the pressures of the job. But luckily, you have Vigna World to take you through the 10 things that you will need to make you ready for the harsh world of nursing.

1. Dedication and Passion

This is a job that only people who are passionate about it can handle. Let’s be real – it’s difficult to be a nurse. You are going to be responsible for several patients; their lives would depend on you. That’s a big responsibility and only people who are completely dedicated can hope to do well.

2. Compassion and Empathy

When you deal with sick people as well as their grieving family day in and day out, you would need to have lots of compassion and empathy to interact with those around you. Remember that these people are in pain, physically and emotionally, and they are relying on your gentle touch to help them recover.

3. Top-Notch Grooming

Grooming is of utmost importance for a nurse. When your workplace is rampant with infections and viruses, you cannot afford to be careless with your personal grooming. You need to take absolute care that you have the cleanest clothes, properly tied up hair and constantly cleaned hands – for your sake as well as your patients’.

4. Great Language Skills

You might think that language skills are not important for a nurse, but you would be mistaken. Because your job is to take care of unwell individuals and their families, using sensitive language and empathetic words can make a lot of difference. Your patients and their families are going through a difficult time and they need you to be as understanding and patient as possible.

5. A Heavy Breakfast

We recommend that you always make time for healthy meals at the right time during the day, but we all know that the stress of the job can sometimes make that impossible. You might not have control over your lunch or dinner but your breakfast before you reach work is in your hands. Make use of it – have a hearty breakfast because some days, it will be all you have time for.

6. A Hobby

Working in the healthcare industry can be more stressful than most others. You have to tackle sickness, death, and decay on a daily basis. Surrounded by these stressors can sometimes become a bit much for your psyche. To keep your mind peaceful, we suggest that you use some of your time (we know you don’t have a lot) and pick up a hobby that makes you happy – something simple that puts your mind off work.

7. A Good Memory

As a nurse, everyone will depend on you to just remember things. Your patients’ medical history, their diagnoses, their medication schedule – these are just some routine things that you will have to keep a track of. If you’re not naturally good at remembering things, we recommend that you come up with a system to keep track of everything.

8. A Good Night’s Sleep

Being a nurse can mean long hours of slogging at your workplace and a haywire schedule in times of emergencies. We know that it can be difficult to get your stipulated eight hours of sleep but we recommend that you push to find the time anyway. Nursing can be an extremely physical job, and it’s those few good hours of sleep that will keep you sane when the job gets a little too much.

9. A Pair of Comfortable Shoes

Trust us, a pair of good shoes can make all the difference. Forget your fancy heels and your fashionable sneakers. What you need is a good pair of nursing shoes. Your job is going to demand that you have to stand on your feet for hours while catering to your several patients. When those long work hours bear down on you and your own feet become your enemy, a good pair of shoes can protect you.

10. A Sense of Humor

Perhaps the most important for this job is having a good sense of humor. When you deal with sickness and death on a daily basis, your mind can sometimes steer towards the gloomy side. To keep yourself happy and sane, you have to sometimes ignore all the negativity in front of you and maintain a positive outlook. Laugh a little and smile a lot. A happy you means a healthy you.

There is one more thing that is imperative at excelling at anything and that is constantly learning. No matter how much experience you’ve gained there is always scope for more and acquiring additional skills.

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