As a nurse, you and your precious uniform are exposed to several stains throughout the day. Blood, vomit, urine and several other bodily fluids are quite common, and once these stains take hold of your uniform, it can become quite a hassle to get rid of them. But don’t you go worrying – Vigna World has got your back. We have for you the following tips and tricks so that you can take care of even the most stubborn stains and keep your uniform looking spick and span at all times.


Let’s be real – probably the most common stain on your uniform is the bloodstain. You have to deal with blood several times a day and staining can be quite common. We recommend washing your clothes with cold water, whenever you are trying to take out bloodstains. Warm water can cook the protein in the blood, making it impossible to leave your clothes. The next step is to use hydrogen peroxide or bleach to take out the stain. However, if your uniform is colored, we recommend using vinegar to lighten the bloodstain and then wash as usual to protect the colors of your clothes.


For ointments and cream-based medications, you can first scrape off the excess from your clothes. Follow this by sprinkling cornstarch on your clothes and then washing the clothing, as usual, to get rid of the stain. For oil-based medicines, it is first important to get the grease from the medicine off from your clothes. For this, you can sprinkle baby powder and let it soak up the grease, before washing the clothes with detergent.


Nursing can be an icky job and makes sure that you’re never a stranger to vomit. But at least you can make sure that your uniform is safe from vomit stains. The first step for you would be rinsed off any solid bits from your clothes using warm water. Next, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on the stain and let it sit for a while (this also helps in eliminating the odor). Next, squeeze a lemon or pour some vinegar over the baking soda and rub with your fingers. Then you can soak the clothing some warm water before washing it with detergent.


Another common enemy of your clothing, urine can leave stubborn stains if not taken care of promptly. To get rid of urine stains, simply mix baking soda with your detergent and mix some vinegar with your fabric softener when washing the scrubs. If the stain is particularly persistent, you can also soak the clothing in some hydrogen peroxide and wash quickly to avoid the discoloration of the clothes.


Ink stains can be common with any profession, and nursing is no exception to them. Ink stains can be quite stubborn but we recommend that you try using rubbing alcohol on the stain as that works wonders in getting rid of ink stains. Another trick can be to rub toothpaste on the cloth as you wash it. Lastly, you can also try applying a mixture of baking soda and water to the ink stain and wash the clothes, as usual, to get that inkblot off your scrubs.


Working those long hours during the day can mean that sweat stains are a part of your daily routine. But it is just as imperative to keep up your appearance and get rid of any stains. Sweat stains can be comparatively easier to be rid of. Simply blot the stains with a mixture of vinegar and water and then wash the clothes with your usual detergent. 

What are the absolute worst stains that you have dealt with? Comment below and let us know!