Jisna Joseph
Staff Nurse
Sur, Oman
Since 10 years

Why did you choose nursing?

When I completed my 12th, a wide variety of options were available to me, however, I was always drawn to nursing, since my elder sister is a nurse. I really admired the way she carried herself, she inspired me to take up nursing as a profession.

What kind of job satisfaction do you experience in being a nurse?

The satisfaction and happiness I have experienced while helping my patients through the pain tops the chart! Also, here in Oman, the salaries paid to us is pretty good as well, so that’s a cherry on top.

Tell us about the stressors and issues about this profession.

The main difficulty in this profession is the constant stress, each and every aspect is very stressful. Sometimes our seniors pass on their work to us, and we have to do it, while managing our own delegated work. We nurses work round the clock managing and executing every aspect with regards to the patient – this gets even more hectic if the already small team of staff is absent. Here, another issue is lack of equipment for a smooth transition. For example – I’m an OT nurse, and sometimes, staff and ward boys aren’t available, and we have to ourselves pick the patient and shift them from OT to a general room, it’s not easy, but duty calls! You know, we nurses have strong muscles! 🙂

What are your parting thoughts on nursing?

Ofcourse, despite the issues and stresses, I love nursing. However, some additions in terms of equipment, such as good trolley beds, slides, rollers, more empathetic seniors will just make it easier for us to perform and deliver. In India, I had worked for about 4 years, of course, our system there needs much organising. It has definitely become better, but it still has a long way to go. The long work hours, less pay, little or no flexibility on leaves – I hate to say this, but it is the truth, at least for me – nursing is much better outside India.